Day 15: 244.4lbs
Exercise: CrossFit
Nutrition: Really good! Not the best macros but no binging.
Attitude: Psyched

In a hurry today. I have time to go run this morning and every minute is going to make it that much hotter and more miserable.

I did CrossFit yesterday. My knee is really feeling much better very quickly. If I would have only stuck to running and not been back in the gym, I would imagine that my leg strength would have never returned. Each time I run, I feel exponentially better just from one CrossFit class. (That might be all in my head, but same goes for my existence, so, whatever.)

I am really excited about the direction I am going and the days ahead.

I am going to bail out and get on my run. Will hopefully get 4 miles in- I  might get 6 but it is pretty hot and I am already pretty dehydrated. I guess watermelon flavored Arizona Ice Tea does not have the same hydrating effects as water? I dunno. I will never know. I love that stuff.

Wish me luck.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,