Day 15: 242.7lbs

Exercise: Almost 4 miles yesterday and CrossFit this morning.
Nutrition: Much better than usual. Had a scone attack yesterday and some sweet, bright-colored dranks but purdy good overall.
Attitude: Deceitful

I am not exactly telling the truth about today’s weight.

I guess I am kinda telling the truth.

I had a friend once tell me that,

“Kinda telling the truth is like kinda being pregnant.”

Every day, I wake up, get on the scale, and journal my weight. Well this morning, I woke up, got on the scale and I did not like the result. This morning, the scale said 245.3lbs. I wasn’t very happy with that, so I decided to go to CrossFit, work up a sweat, not drink any water, and then get on the scale and report a lighter weight.

That’s kinda messed up, right? I mean, it will all be back after I drink some fluids.

Why would it matter?

Why would it mean so much to me what you thought about met or even what I thought about myself that I was willing to game the system to report a fraudulent number that will eventually come out in the wash anyway?

Would you love me 2lbs less? Would the world have 2lbs less respect for me? Would my children have to bear the cross of a father that listed himself as being 1kg more than he wanted the world to know?

I don’t know. The ego is funny like that. I can’t explain it.

It’s something I should probably take a look at. Either way, part of my project is about being conscious- conscious about the good and the bad.

Anyways, here is to another day of staying between the lanes of the broad highway of spiritual freedom and attempting not to chase a rogue pizza or rolling gallon of ice cream into the ditch.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,