Day 17: 243.1lbs
Exercise: CrossFit yesterday and 6miles this morning.
Nutrition: Almost. but not quite.
Attitude: Meh

I can’t quite pitch a complete game.

I have always been like this. I seem to want to negotiate myself into leaving enough room to prohibit progress. There is always a “but” involved.

“I will stop drinking liquor…but just drink beer.”

“I will stop taking opiates…but keep drinking and take speed.”

“I will start exercising… but drink energy drinks, liquor, take amphetamines, and smoke cigarettes on the way to the gym.”

“I will stop smoking weed…but take valium to get me to sleep.”

Yesterday, it was “I will get my nutrition under control…but take in 400-500 calories worth of sugary drinks.”

Man, I love drinks. I really love drinks when I have been working out and sweating. Yesterday, I drink enough watermelon flavored Arizona Ice Tea to give myself a stomach ache, like 5 different times. I am not kidding. I drink myself sick, then stopped, complained about my tummy ache just long enough for it to stop hurting, and then did the same thing all over again. I honestly did this about 5 times until I finally fell asleep in the middle of Downton Abbey.

Clearly, I lead an adventurous life when my day consists of 5 iced tea tummy aches and a night of Downton Abbey. What can I say? I like to party.

Anyways, here’s to another go at it. Still on the horse and hanging on sideways.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,