Day 19: 244.7lbs
Exercise: CrossFit yesterday and 11.5 miles this morning
Nutrition: Very happy with it
Attitude: Tired af

I am bushed.

5pm CrossFit yesterday afternoon and then dinner with Amanada. Went out for a steak. Can’t eat steak every night but I did opt for the 8oz filet instead of the 20oz ribeye, so that’s a plus, I guess. We stayed up watching TV and then met Melisa for a run at 4:30am this morning.

I am tired but I feel good. Took a long nap and now I am groggy but I have not eaten a bunch of junk. It’s rare that I go for a long run without blanking it out with an afternoon of gorging myself. Will be interested to see if there is any progress to be had by staying the course.

Okay, enough writing. I am going to go back to being tired and staring off into space.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,