Day 20: 245.1lbs
Exercise: 11.5miles yesterday and nothing today
Attitude: Proud

I didn’t blow it.

I ran a long run in hot weather yesterday and maintained good nutrition. Although, I included a couple of handfuls of peach gummies, I still did pretty well (we aren’t at the miracle stage just yet.)

This morning I felt like a legit 245. You know what I mean? A heavy 245? I felt like that this weight is probably my weight for now, instead of having to make sure that I go to bed hungry to wake up to a good scale number. I think good things are coming if I can just avoid the big leap.

Just don’t jump the tracks.

Just don’t jump the tracks.

I am optimistic that I can see that 239.9 on the scales within the next 2-3 weeks. Things are progressing nicely. Now, if I can just behave decently.

Maintain the little changes.

Avoid the big wrecks.

That is the goal.

Make it a great day.

Beef, love and all things Beef related,