Day 21: 243.1lbs
Exercise: 5.7 miles yesterday and I doubt I will do much today
Nutrition: Pretty good. Scavenged 2 pieces of pizza though
Attitude: Good

I am enjoying my path right now. It is quiet and slow but progress is being made. It feels sustainable and practical.

Andie had a friend spend the night last night so Amanda picked them up a cheese pizza from Domino’s. I don’t much care for Domino’s. I wonder what it would taste like if they put sauce on it and they didn’t make their crust from recycled crayon boxes. I am pretty sure that Domino’s is still using the same can of sauce that they used when they first opened. Seventeen thousand stores worldwide….64 ounces of sauce used between them.

I said I don’t like Domino’s so that is why I only ate one piece 👀.  I had to eat one piece. It was on my kitchen table and I had to walk through my kitchen. You don’t expect me to walk from point to point with a pizza box in the middle and at least not grab one piece, do you? Let’s not be ridiculous. It’s like a fat guy tax. I couldn’t let it just sit there.

Oh, and then Charlie had to go outside to potty at about 11pm, so I checked the pizza box, ya know, to make sure it was safe. It turns out, there was pizza in there so I ate another salty piece of cardboard.

By comparison, two pieces of Domino’s seasoned cardboard planks are not going to destroy me, especially considering my 6mile run but it would be nice to “Just Say No”. Maybe someday, just not yesterday.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,