Day 25: 244.2lbs
Exercise: 3.5 yesterday and about 4 this morning
Nutrition: Pretty on top of stuff
Attitude: Super good but super tired.

I’m tired. I don’t do well tired.

I have worked out every day this week and twice on Wednesday. Yesterday’s run was garbage and so was today’s. I would have been much better to have taken yesterday off and gotten some rest. This is what happens when I let my fear and ego make decisions for me. I can’t outrun, out-exercise, out-fitness my nutritional/psychological issues, so believing that pushing a tired mule will make the week’s plow go faster is not a good strategy.

I will rest tomorrow….unless I change my mind.

Amanda made shake-n-bake last night. Dammit, I love shake-n-bake. Andie and I sat at the table and just gushed over Amanda’s pork chops, mashed potatoes and mac-n-cheese. Yes, they were microwavable and yes, they were the best I have ever had.

Again, I want to reiterate, I love shake-n-bake pork chops, microwave mac-n-cheese and mashed potatoes. Serve them to me at my kitchen table and it will be better than any 5-star restaurant could ever prepare.

My grandpa would say after just about every meal,

“You know, I think that just might have been the best meal I have ever had.”

I always loved that about him. I believe him too. He lived through some shit, man. When you survive The Great Depression and World War that leaves you permanently disabled, I believe that you give yourself the right to view every present moment, meal or experience as the “best you have ever had.”

You can’t run out of favorite things. The “best” can always be the present. I love watching Andie go to a restaurant or sitting down for dinner. Something on her plate will be “the best {insert food name here}” she has ever eaten.” My grandpa would have loved that about her. They would have been thick as thieves.

Here is to another day if giving it my best shot. Today is going to be the best day that I have ever had.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,