Day 29: Forgot to weigh this morning. Feel good about things.
Fitness: Nothing yesterday but probably CrossFit this afternoon
Nutrition: Pretty haphazard yesterday but far from “off-track”
Attitude: Refreshed and feeling great

To quote the late, great James Brown, “I feel good.”

Life is good for me right now.

I am not the healthiest but I am mindful of how I treat myself.

I have opinions but don’t consider myself opinionated.

I want the best for the most but don’t have the answers.

I don’t get worked up about the issues of the world. I have not yet reached the point of posting outdated media links or philosophical memes on FB in an effort to change the minds of the people in my circle. I don’t send chain emails degrading one end of the political spectrum in favor of the other. I don’t feel that the desperation to convince other people of how smart I am has reached a level that should be considered alarming.

I heard a lady, whom I respect greatly, make the statement with a straight face and stern tone, “You can argue with me about a lot of things but you can’t argue my experience.”

I haven’t stopped thinking about that ever since she said it. What are arguments? Basically opinions about the way things are, have been or are gonna be based on a culmination of our past experience. Arguments are not won or lost, they are had and dissolved with hopefully one side seeing things a little bit differently thanks to the sharing of one’s ideas based off experience. However, most arguments end with two people being pissed off, each of which goes on the resentment recruiting trail in search of more folks to be pissed off with them. Then what you have is two pissed-off sides with their heals planted ever more firmly in the ground with each side hoping that they have an advocate who knows how to use a meme-generator.

People won’t see things the way that I see them because they have not experienced what I have experienced. I should be grateful for this, not angry about it.

Sometimes, I think it best to just enjoy my experiences, my arguments, and my opinions in solitude but I don’t know what is best for anyone else.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,