Day 3:
Weight: 245.5lbs
Exercise: 4.4 miles of run/walk.
Nutrition: Fair. (I drink raw juices from “Juice From the Raw” and it helps to curb appetite….a little, sometimes.

My friend John has a giant tree trunk in his yard. An old tree came down some time ago and he has been slowly chipping away at it for months. This thing is a monster. Little by slow, John chips away at it, ever closer to his goal.

John has the financial means to pay someone else to remove the piece of the tree but it is his tree- his struggle. John has a daughter. He does his best to lead by example. He wants her to see that when you start something- when you make a commitment-  you follow through with it. He wants her to know that sometimes you don’t avoid things because they are difficult but you do them in spite of it. He wants her to know that he can do hard things so that she will learn to believe that she can as well.

The chainsaw doesn’t always start. The wood isn’t always soft. The blades are not always sharp. The angle isn’t always right. And the cut is not always clean. The goal is to remove the trunk- there are no points for doing it quickly or gracefully.

When I think about my goal of achieving an acceptable level of fitness along with a comfortable weight. I think about John and his tree trunk. I think about the long game and the hacking away that it’s going to take to get there.

Pope Benedict XVI said,
“The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfortYou were made for greatness”

Most of the stories I hear around greatness involve a level of discomfort and at least some degree of difficulty.

I have CrossFit in an hour and I am going to try and give it another go at it. Wish me luck!