Great day in the gym, but I’m wearing down a little.  I may need to take off tomorrow.  We’ll see.  With the Crossfit Games Open WOD 13.1 being announced today, I will probably be doing that on Friday morning so depending on what the WOD is I may take a rest day tomorrow.  We’ll see.

Started off today with my running skills/drills.  20 minutes.  I decided to do a couple of little videos of these to see how I actually looked.  This was a great idea, and I was able to correct some posture issues that I noticed.  I’m going to start filming more to analyze mechanics and setup until I can get another coach to put eyes on me.

Next, lots of squats:

Back Squat 4 Rep Max; 4 x 4 @ 90% of that 4RM

I took my time with this, and it felt good.  I started with the bar, and worked up to a 250# 4 Rep Max.  So I did the 4 x 4 reps/sets at 225#.  These got a little tough towards the end, but I wasn’t struggling at all.  They felt good.

Now, here’s where I ran into a little trouble.  I was supposed to do 5 Rounds of 115# OH Squats x 12 and 10 Pull ups.  Once I got the 115# over my head and tried some squats, my left shoulder started screaming at me big time.  It didn’t feel like an injury, more like “hey, I ain’t doing this today.  Stop.”  So I went down in weight, and the movement still didn’t feel right so I bailed on that workout and just did the MetCon with the 6am class that was in the gym.  That was this:

6 Rounds

  • 10 Hand Release Push Ups
  • 10 Ring Rows
  • Max Double Unders in 1 Minute

I finished in around 9:45 with 340 double unders.  I think that was pretty good.  Double Unders are a big strength for me so that helped.

Tonight’s running will consist of:

3 x 1000 Meter Run; Rest 3 Minutes

Monday my track was taken by the local High School track team so I couldn’t train there and had to run on the road at home.  I’m guessing tonight will be the same situation.


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