Day 30: 243lbs
Fitness: CrossFit yesterday. Probably nothing today.
Nutrition: All the food.
Attitude: Psyched Up!

Energy is my favorite thing on this entire planet. I have said it a million times, however I can smoke it, snort it, drink it, pop it, earn it, find it or get it, no matter the method of acquisition, I love energy.

I am perpetually on the search for the most amount of energy with the least amount of consequences. I have found that fitness, writing and new endeavors are what provide me the most abundance of energy for the longest amount of the time.

Yesterday I went to Olive Branch CrossFit. We have these two young men who recently received their coaching certification and one of them became the gym manager. They were running the show and it was lit. Just like that, my passion for CrossFit came burning back into my stomach. They weren’t overly loud or neanderthal-ish but they were passionate. Wherever the athletes went, they went as well. When we went outside to run, they were waiting to encourage us when we returned. When we were inside lifting, they were circling the gym and had something to say to each individual at every pass. They must have done 20 passes around the gym.

These guys were raised in a locker room, on a field, on a court or in a facility with coaches and teammates. You could tell by their dynamic that they were no strangers to support or what it looks like to encourage and motivate.

Bottom-line, yesterday was fun. Yesterday, was a whole lot of fun.

Assuming that my lungs heal and I can ever walk again, I can’t wait to go back. My lungs are held together by bong resin and Camel Cash and it currently feels like the structure is tearing apart but the passion is back.

It’s amazing what a little energy can bring to the table. It’s crazy how palatable a person’s passion can be. The best thing about excitement is its portability and utility- you can bring it anywhere and use it everywhere. I guess the same can be said for indifference and apathy.

Bring energy.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,