Day 6 of the Pudding Project-
Weight: 247.1lbs
Exercise: Lots of walking
Nutrition: Pretty damn good for a fat guy.
Attitude: Energized

Feeling good. Not tackling any huge milestones but really feeling pretty level. I did not get to run yesterday because I had to work. Unfortunately for me, they made me earn my keep so I spent about five hours walking parking lots with a backpack blower- acquiring steps, layers of dirt, and a gnarly sunburn.

I ate well all throughout the day. Bought some habanero bbq almonds and ate a handful while reading that binge eaters should “blacklist” them because they are not good in large quantities. I can see why; I ate a shit-ton of them. It was Grayson’s 14th birthday and we ate steak. I ordered the 8ounce filet with broccoli and mushrooms. I know I can’t eat steak every night but it sure beats a 20oz ribeye with fries, ketchup, and mashed potatoes….I guess…maybe.

I ran 10 miles with Amanda and Melisa this morning. We went to breakfast and I ate a bigass omelet but didn’t kill myself. Today has been a victory thus far. Time for a shower and a nap. I Will report back tomorrow. Weekends are tough.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,