Day 8: 244.7lbs
Fitness: CrossFit
Nutrition: On-point.
Attitude: Muy Bueno

Yesterday was a good day. If anything, I did not eat enough. I went to CrossFit in the afternoon, we did the podcast and then got in the bed. Between the nausea that I felt from getting my ass kicked at the gym and the rush that I get from the podcast, my appetite just wasn’t all that high.

I ate some soup-like stuff for lunch yesterday. It tasted pretty bad but I masked the nastiness with salt, cheese and hot-sauce. I finished the soup and I had a major craving for something crappy-er. I looked in our pantry and saw some pop-tarts. I don’t really even like pop-tarts that much but they are loaded with sugar, carbs and lack any real nutrients, so therefore my body needs them.

As I grabbed the pop-tart from the pantry, I stopped for a moment and contemplated what I was doing. I knew it was unnecessary. I knew that I would be fine without the pop-tart. I unwrapped it and saw that it had brown frosting, which is the kind I like the least. So, I ate it. ‘Cause that is what I do.

Even as I am gnawing down on the first pop-tart, I am consciously thinking about this blog, my weight, and my goals but I still continued to eat. Often times, I eat things like it’s a crime of passion- comparable to when people black-out and kill their spouse or lover, except I kill pop-tarts and wake up with cookie crumbs or peanut butter cup wrappers on me. I started to eat on the second pop-tart and continued to process my lack of control. It’ s a phenomenal thing.

I didn’t beat myself up over the pop-tart. In the scheme of things, it was a minor hiccup compared to the damage that I am capable of inflicting on myself, but it was worth noting.

The rest of the day, I behaved really well, except for the bright red, sugar-filled, watermelon flavored, fake aloe drink that I got from the gas station. My friend Heath called to remind me how much I love crappy, random, gas-station bright drinks so I felt obliged.

Move on. Stay the course. Stay positive. Stay focused. Pop-Tarts happen.

I hope to do good today.

Let’s make it a great one!

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,