Every day seems to get better and better. Every day I get my ass kicked more and more.  Today was no exception:

Deadlift 4RM

Warmed up with 135, did 225 for 2 sets of 4, pulled 315 x4, then went for 355lbs.  Last week I pulled 340 for 4.  I made 3 reps with 355lbs and just couldn’t get the last rep up.  Oh well, 4 RM deadlift stays at 340 for now.


Snatch 1RM; EMOM 10 Minutes Power Snatch + Snatch @ 75% of 1RM.

I could only snatch 120 today.  My previous max is 125. I’m just weak at this lift.  I think my form is getting a lot better though.  I did the power snatches/snatches with 95lbs.


EMOM (Even Minutes) 24 Pistols for 4 Rounds

Hey, remember a couple of weeks ago when I thought I had an awesome way to scale pistols?  Yeah, that’s not as good as what Bledsoe showed me today!  I love having my coach in the gym so that we can talk about training and other stuff.  It’s nice. Anyway, today he had me do a pistol down to a box (like a box squat) with weights stacked on it.  I’d squat down to the weight, remove a plate and try it again going lower each time until I found the lowest point I could get down to.  Once I found the depth that was really difficult, but I was still able to get back up that’s the height I used for the 4 rounds of 24.  Make sense?  Holy hell, this was the hardest WOD of pistols I’ve ever done.  Hopefully this will get me doing regular pistols faster than the band method I was using.


4 x 15GHD Situps

Ugh…powered through it.  Another great day.  I’m going to be in a bit of pain tomorrow I imagine…

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