The program that will get your Deadlift up where you want it to be!

I turned my 1 Rep Max Deadlift into my 3 Rep max Deadlift….this is a great program!

Brad M.

LHRL Athlete

Von was one of my favorite athletes and I know he’ll be your favorite coach. This guy went from a couch potato to a marathoner/ultra-marathoner in no time. He knows what it takes to get you from wherever you are to where you want to go because he’s been there. He transformed his life, let him show you how to transform yours.

Mike Bledsoe

CEO, Barbell Shrugged

I’m stronger in every measurable way. Squat and deadlift 1RMs are up about 100# each. Today, I got through all three RX elements of that MetCon. Even two months ago, I would’ve had to scale all three.

Drew W.

LHRL Athlete

What to Expect

  • A 3 Month Program (3 Days Per Week) that you can add to your training program
  • When you purchase the program, you’ll be emailed a PDF with the program in it
  • This will take you less than an hour 3 days per week
  • Expect to get stronger
  • Get into that 300/400 Deadlift 50 Mile (Or 100 Mile) Club
  • Deadlifts
  • Other movements to get you stronger (Your squat may go up too)
  • Detailed explanations of weekly workouts
About the Coach

About the Coach

LHRL Coach

Von Ralls is the quintessential hybrid athlete. Known for his speed, strength, and endurance he has become one of the most respected coaches and athletes in the Memphis and Mid-South community. He is the founder of Lift Heavy Run Long, an international community of supportive people whose goal is to encourage and inspire. He has played an invaluable role in coaching everything from the elite to the everyday athlete into his much sought after 50mile/400deadlift club (300lb deadlift for women).

As a product of the legendary Faction Strength and Conditioning, Von was fortunate to have trained under the most well-known and respected minds in the strength and conditioning industry. Having built a reputation as a “compliant athlete”, Von knows the importance, and frustrations, that come with allowing one’s self to be coachable. His access to information and connection with other top coaches and performers makes him as qualified and dynamic as any coach out there.

His story, like many of ours, began as an overweight couch potato, who enjoyed smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, and eating pizza, as life got in the way of any physical activity. He decided he wanted a change, and made the transformation from being overweight and tired, to being an elite athlete. He knows what it takes to be at the bottom, and he is aware of what it takes to make it to the top. His ability to connect with his clients at the place that they are in their journey is makes Von Ralls’ coaching style unique.

Von has a passion for people and a belief in finding purpose. His background, his resume, and his overall experience make him inarguably one of the most qualified coaches available. His love for life, for people, and his desire to help people find their bliss is what makes his coaching style unique. Von wants his clients to see results and he wants these results to be displayed outside of the gym. He realizes that the gym is a great supplement for leading a fulfilling life, but wants his clients to thrive apart from the gym and lead a life of success and happiness. Come see what the buzz is all about, and let Von Ralls guide you to the results that you deserve.