1. the latest time or date by which something should be completed.
  2. A set period of time which you can procrastinate, and then have an absolute meltdown approximately 24 hours prior.
  3. A date by which you can be expected to come up with an excuse for not following through with your commitment.
  4. A set time that you agree to finish a project, but then are offended or confused when people expect you to follow through with your word.
  5. a time period in which everyone is expected to forget about the project that the group was initially working on.
  6. A tool used to end a meeting so that everyone can go back to their cubicle and bitch about their boss.

A deadline means different things to different types of people. It says a lot about who you are, as well as your level of dependability.

Some folks are given a deadline; use it only for the purpose of adding stress to their already hectic life, but put forth no real effort to accomplish the task necessary to meet the deadline.

Often times, people receive a deadline, do nothing, then act as if it is unreasonable for them to be expected to have followed through with the very thing that they agreed upon originally.

Deadlines are often used with the hope that everyone will forget about the project that the group was initially working on: a bait-and-switch.

Some people can be relied upon, without fail, to have put in the work, and will have exerted a certain amount of effort to the specific task with each and every deadline given.

I am guilty of being all the types of people listed above. I want to be a man of my word- someone who can be relied upon, absolutely, but often I am not. However, of all of the different options for handling a deadline, the very worst is to create them fictitiously.

The fictitious deadline is one we place upon ourselves. It is an unreasonable goal, or unnecessary amount of pressure that we place upon ourselves in order to jeopardize our feeling of well-being. It is the deadline of getting the house cleaned, losing weight, being the perfect parent, lifting a certain amount of weight, organizing the garage, ad infinitum. It is something which no one expects from us, and only affects our inner-being. The fictitious deadline  serves no real purpose if treated as anything other than a healthy goal.

Be cognizant of your word, and deliberate in your attempt to fulfill your end of the bargain.

Be aware of undue stress and make-believe deadlines, when no one is asking anything from you.

Be reliable.

Be relaxed.

Be good to yourself.

Be happy.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,