I ran this morning. Four miles. Nothing monumental. Except it was -7 with the wind. I normally don’t run when the temps need a minus sign in front of them. What makes this year different?

A year ago this month broke me. Almost permanently. But I said no, I’m not giving up. I’m digging my way out of the black hole. And I did and it was hard. Harder than running at -7 this morning. Harder than losing 35 pounds. Running is one thing I do to take care of myself. It’s one piece of my self-care puzzle I build every single day. Maybe that’s why many people don’t practice self care and do the things that build themselves up. It is hard to put the priorities in line when there are so many things demanding our attention.

What’s harder though? Living each day with regrets and resentment for not taking care of the one body you have or finding ways to take care of yourself each and every day? I’m doin’ it day in and day out because I promised myself I would. One thing to learn about me is that I’m strict with my promises and always follow through. What are you doing to make yourself a priority today?