You guys, I did pull ups today! Not a lot of them, actually just two strict pull ups. Last week I couldn’t even hang from the bar so I’m super stoked about that.


  • 5 SetsĀ  of 5 Reps Rear Foot Elevated Split Squats
  • Static hang from bar practice



10 Minute AMRAP

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Squats
  • 50 Double Unders

Rest 5 Minutes

10 Minute AMRAP

  • 5 Push Ups
  • 10 Sit Ups
  • 50 Double Unders

The RFESS were rough. I used 65 lbs. My left leg was ok, but I kept getting off balance with my right leg. The conditioning was a little humbling. I had to switch to 100 single unders for a couple of rounds because my arms got too tired. I scaled the pull ups to ring rows and I scaled the push ups to incline push ups with a barbell in a rack. They were REALLY hard. I got excited about being able to do pull ups so I tried a push up. No go. I can lower myself to the ground, but I can’t push myself off the ground. :/ Anyway it was a great day of training. I’m stoked to be making progress. This is the hardest I’ve pushed myself lately and I was kinda worried but I was hydrated and still feeling really good at the end of the day.

-The Rev