Nine years ago I had been “doing” CrossFit for over a year and had some pretty decent success. Here’s a before and after picture I like to keep around as a reminder:

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to “put on some mass.” It was a lot of fun. My coach Doug Larson wrote a program for me and told me I needed to eat a whole bunch of food. Boy was I excited to hear that. I had lost a bunch of weight, and was excited to actually try to gain weight. I really enjoyed it, and I remember that was a time when I really started to get stronger. So I was poking around through my google drive account this weekend and I came across that program that Doug had written for me back then.  Since I am no in a situation where I have lost a lot of muscle and strength, I immediately thought, “man, I should do this program again and see what happens.” So here I go. I did week one day one today.


  • Barbell Split Squats 3 x 12


  • Bench Press 3 x 12


  • Bent Rows 3 x 12


  • Goblet Squats 3 x 20

Great workout, and it felt fantastic. My weights are super low but heavy for me. I worked up to 60 lbs. on the split squats, 55 lbs on the bench press, 80 lbs on the bent rows, and 50 lbs on the goblet squats. So, here’s to getting stronger!


-The Rev