Something really cool happened this past Friday. I decided to go do a class at the gym (Olive Branch CrossFit). We have a fantastic coach named Steven Mathis, and he is also a good friend. We got to talking about me trying to build strength back and easing back into training again. He set me up with an awesome program that I started today. I’m really lucky to have people around like Steven. Great coaches and people that want to help each other get better. Also, I’m stoked about this. Here we go…

Full Body Strength Phase 1 

Strength – Pressing

A: Barbell Bench Press 3/3 x 5 @ 90 sec
B: DB Step-ups 1/3 x 10/side @ 75 sec
EMOM6 Ping Pong:
C1: Neutral Grip Chin-ups 1/2 x 4/8
C2: Handstand Hold 1/2 x 30 sec
D1: Prone Y-T-I Complex 1/3 x 10 @ 0
D2: Side Plank 1/3 x 10/20 sec @ 60 sec


Eighteen Wheeler
Run 200m
Wallballs (20/10) 15
Alt DB Snatches (50/35) 12
Sit-ups 9

Worked up to 80 pounds on the bench press and did the step ups with 25 pound dumbbells. I used only 10 pound dumbbells for the YTI complex. The conditioning I scaled pretty good. I used a 10 pound wallball and a 25 pound dumbbell. I made it through 3 rounds.

Have a great week!


The Rev