I got to coach a big class this morning at the gym. It looked like this:

I got up pretty early today and got to the gym around 6:30AM. Class starts at 9AM so I had plenty of time to train and someone wanted to come in and get their workout done before class so I got there early to train myself and let them in. This morning I was overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude for my gym. It’s a big place with lots of equipment and lots of great people. I always say that I have nothing to do with that. It has nothing to do with me, but all the other people that put so much work into the gym to make it what it is today. But I do that too much. I’ve been struggling lately with accepting what kind of impact I have on people and the world. My default is to say that I don’t matter and nobody cares, but I’ve learned lately that’s just not true. Without me the gym wouldn’t be what it is today. There wouldn’t be a Lift Heavy Run Long. I am literally responsible for the existence of 3 human beings (my children in case you don’t know). For way too long I’ve thought nobody really cares or nobody is listening or paying attention, but they are. You are out there reading this right now and what I say and do matters to a lot of people whether I want to believe it or not. I’m trying to own that and do something good with it. That’s where I am. I’ve been quiet for a few days because I’ve been trying to spend time thinking about just how I want to proceed with life and all the things. I’d like to say I’ve got some good things happening. Just wait, we’ll see. In the meantime I know one thing…I’ll be training hard and I hope you are too. 🙂

Today’s Training:

Olympic Strength – Snatch
A: OH Squat w/ 3 sec pause 3/3 x 3 @ 90 sec
B: High Hang Power Snatch + OH Squat EMOM4 x 3, start @ 70%
C1: Standing DB Shrugs 1/3 x 10 @ 0
C2: Band Pull-Apart 1/3 x 10 @ 0
C3: EZ Bar Curl 1/3 x 10 @ 0
C4: Band Pushdowns 1/3 x 10 @ 60 sec
D: Loaded Calf Raise Death Set 100 AFAP
Run Conditioning
5 Rounds of 2 min work/60 sec rest

I was really nervous about this because of the snatches and OHS. BUT I killed it. Even though the weight was low, I felt better than I ever have doing overhead squats. I usually feel really really shitty doing OHS. Also, you’ll notice more bodybuilding movements in these workouts. I’m LOVING it. Those curls today were great and the loaded calf raises got my shit on FIRE! Totally in love with training these last few days.

Love you all,

_The Rev_