Where were you when you were 21? What were you doing? I got to do a Find My Way podcast with one of the men that made it all the way through The Process at the Special Forces Experience. His name is Stephan Faiazza and he is a 21 year old CrossFit Coach at CrossFit Outlaw North. I couldn’t help but wonder while talking to him what impact it would have made on me had I done something like this when I was 21 years old. When I was that age I was drinking beers and playing guitars in bands in shitty dive bars around Memphis. I hesitate to call him a kid, since I’m 44 and have a 21 year old child as well, but this man is literally doing everything he can to be the best person he possibly can be. I can’t imagine the amazing things that he is going to do as he gets older. If you want to listen to the episode, just go here. I was pretty inspired by it.

Today’s Training:

Olympic Strength – Clean & Jerk
A: Front Squat w/ 3 sec pause 3/3 x 3 @ 90 sec
B: High Hang Power Clean + Front Squat EMOM4 x 3, start @ 70%
C: Push Press EMOM4 x 3, start @ 70%
D: Loaded Back Extensions 1/3 x 10 @ 60 sec
Run Conditioning
10 Rounds of 30 sec work/60 sec rest

So I was coaching again this morning at the gym. 5 and 6 AM classes. So I got their at 4AM to try to get my workout done beforehand. 1 Hour is just not enough time to get a workout done and also prepare for coaching classes. But I just don’t want to get up any earlier than 3:30AM. So I really just made it through the strength portion of this and then did 5 rounds of the conditioning on an Assault Bike.

I scaled to the Assault bike because the 100 calf raises I did Saturday literally almost put me out of commission. I was so VERY sore. I could barely walk. It was so bad that I got really really scared the following morning that I was going to end up giving myself rhabdo again. BUT all is well. The calves are recovering pretty well today. I’m walking much better.

I was really pleased with how the lifts went today. My front squat looks a little goofy because the soreness in my calves kind of make me wince a little in the bottom of the squat and that kind of sends me forward a little bit.

All the lifts today were 10 pounds heavier than last week. I was particularly excited about the Push Presses and getting to 95 pounds. I only did 80 last week. Clear signs that strength is starting to come back.


-The Rev