Someone said something to/about my wife yesterday that was really bothering her. It was just eating away at her all day and night. I definitely know that feeling. It’s totally fine to take a couple of minutes and consider how something someone said about you makes you feel. Acknowledge it, and then let it go. Don’t let it ruin your whole day. 99.9% of the negative things people say about you have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. It can come from stress, insecurity, jealousy and a whole mess of other emotions and feelings. We see it all the time in the fitness world. A formerly fat and out of shape person starts getting their act together, losing weight and getting in shape. One of their friends starts saying how she is so self-centered and egotistical now that she’s getting all fit. That has zero to do with her and everything to do with how the other person really wishes they could have the discipline and drive to get themselves in shape. What about the guy at the restaurant who wants to see the manager about the terrible service? Did you see this guy:

Haha! That’s pretty extreme, but people like this exist. Just remember the next time someone says something that makes you feel bad or sad that it probably doesn’t have anything to do with you. Take a minute to consider things from their perspective, and let it go. They may be having a tough or stressful day and just not know how to deal with it. Maybe they are feeling insecure and projecting that onto you is a way that they can feel better about themselves. You just never know.

Today’s Training

Strength – Squatting
A: Goblet Squat 3/3 x 5 @ 90 sec
B: Single Arm DB Row 1/3 x 10/side @ 75 sec
EMOM6 Ping Pong:
C1: DB RDL 1/2 x 10
C2: Push-up 1/2 x AMRAP
D1: Hanging Leg Raises 1/3 x 5/10 @ 0 sec
D2: Palof Press 1/3 x 10/20 sec @ 60 sec
3 Rounds for Time
400 Meter Run
40 Double Unders
12 Push Presses (95/65)

I feel better today than I have felt in a long time!! I am so stoked! I’m making a ton of progress. I did six unbroken pushups check it out:

I scaled the push presses in the conditioning to just a 45 lb bar, but I was able to do them without pain and unbroken. I am overwhelmed with joy right now. It seems like just yesterday that I wasn’t sure I would ever get back in shape again. I’m just stoked! 🙂

Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic day! Hit me up if I can help you with anything.


-The Rev