I’m an average person and I do average things.  This mostly irritates the crap out of me because I feel like I’m meant to do great things in life and struggle to dig my way out of the average hole I’m in.  It’s a battle to do epic things when you’re tethered to a job, house, pets, family, etc.  What is epic anyways?  It’s different for all of us.  Maybe a half marathon is epic.  Maybe a 200 lb deadlift is epic.  Is finishing first in a triathlon any more epic than finishing at all if it’s your first time and you used to be sedentary and overweight? No.  It’s personal and epic adventures are whatever you want them to be.

If I listed some of the things I’ve done in life, some might be epic to someone else and why would I judge how they see my accomplishments.  I can categorize them however I want but maybe I need to loosen my white knuckle grip on life and just chill out.  I can cheer on the first time 5K racers just as much and maybe more than the 100 mile ultra runners because that first 5K can be epic for so many new runners.

Share your amazing fitness adventures with us.  What have you done that shocks the heck out of you or your family or your friends?  My intent is to showcase the cool stuff everyone does and to change the way people see the adventures they have.  You’re doing incredible things and you may not know it.