Yesterday, I participated in a 50k.

Yesterday was a good day. It was a full day. It was an eventful day.

Yesterday was a day of life crammed into twenty-four hours. Yesterday, I experienced:

A sunrise.

A fall(ish) breeze.

Some hugs.

Lots of laughs.

Some anxiety.

Some discomfort.

Much achievement.

A little adversity.

A lot of pain.

A great deal of satisfaction.

Large amounts of adrenaline.

Small amounts of terror.

Moments of self-doubt.

Moments of exhaustion, elation, self-defeat, mixed with pride.

Waves of triumph.

Times when it all made sense.

Long periods of confusion.

A feeling of self-worth.

Feelings of insecurity.

I achieved many things that I thought I could not do, and I failed at some things which I thought that I could. I made small things important, and I over-looked some important things. I tried and I failed, and I succeeded all the while.

Yesterday was a day filled with life, a life that’s worth living.

I don’t run because I enjoy running; I run because there is experience attached to it. There are many ways to seek fulfillment and countless hobbies to help you get there. I am glad to be in an environment which promotes living life and a community that believes in cramming a lot of it into the day that accompanies it.

Run, lift, bike, pray, quilt, sing, collect, read, write, study, jump, twist, bounce, hike, explore, draw, or paint.

Find your thing, and do it often.


Seek experience.

Encounter joy.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,