I deleted Facebook from my phone.

Since it is not on my phone, I have not been on it much. I forget to look at it on my computer.

I am not a better person because of it.

It did not magically cure any of the problems I had before nor did it gift me extra productivity.

I fill the time I would otherwise be wasting with other things.

It’s just a thing I decided to do.

I only really miss it when I poop.

Every decision doesn’t have to be a crusade.  There is no reason for me to tell you what you need to do just because I did it. We want to know what’s right for other people. We want to tell other people what they should do with their life and wish desperately to have ours figured out.

We all want to play life-coach but have dirty laundry on the floor and dishes in the sink.

We are a bold species.