Every workout should test your strength.  Some days it’s a physical test, some days it’s a mental test.  Lately, my life has tested every ounce of mental strength I have.  I’ve dug deeper than I ever wanted to dig but that’s how things go when life dumps a big pile of poop on you.  You dig deep and you hold your breath as you wait for better times.  I can’t hold my breath this time because the predictions are that things won’t get better for a long time or maybe never and we’ll slowly find a way to manage long term.

I have many friends running Boston today and their weather including winds gusting to 50 mph will have them digging deep.  Their mental strength will be tested.  Their physical strength will be tested.  Nearly all runners will have to dig deep to finish.  You got this, Boston runners, I believe in you.

Saturday, I drove a 26′ U-Haul fully loaded across the Mackinac Bridge solo.  It’s a 5 mile long suspension bridge that connects Michigan’s two peninsulas and is over Lake’s Michigan and Huron.  I’ve never been a fan of this bridge.  It’s high, the winds are brutal, ice falls off the girders crashing onto cars, etc.  Under high wind escort, I drove that U-haul at 20 mph over that bridge rocking and swaying.  I found new strength.  The words of my friend Kelsey were in my head telling me I could do it. Testing your strengths is easier when someone believes in you.

We can accomplish a lot when forced to or when we believe in ourselves just enough to try and see what happens.  Do something this week that will test your strength.  I believe in you.