School is in session. It has either started already, or starts in the upcoming week.

How much anxiety can I possibly pass on to our, otherwise relaxed, children?

The first day of school scared me to death when I was young, so I feel that is has to be the same for everyone. The irony is not lost on me, as a wound up ball of nerves, I try to teach our children to relax. I’m like a yoga instructor with a crystal meth addiction and prescription for lithium yelling, “Namaste, gosh dammit. Stay friggin calm. Namaste.” My kids are relatively relaxed, but my nervous energy transfers, I feel sure.

As I coach our children on how to behave on their first day of school, I often come back to the phrase…..

“If I only knew then, what I do right now.”

Suddenly, I’m reminded,

“I do know know, what I know right now.”

But, how often do I implement the things that I know, or apply the things that I teach my children?

Be prepared.

Stand up straight.

Remain organized.

Look your best.

Respect you teacher.

Listen intently.

Learn with purpose.

Be on time.

Introduce yourself.

Be aware that everyone is afraid, on some level.

Speak to the new kid.

Ask the lonely child to sit with you and your friends at lunch.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn.

Find opportunities to be helpful.

Be a leader.

Suddenly, I think about how often in my adult life do I practice the teachings that I am passing on to my kids.

The answer?

Almost never.

I act as if I am so damn smart that these teachings do not apply to me. I assess situations on a case-by-case basis, because I think I know too much. My instructions are not rules, they are suggestions, when I apply them in my personal life. They are suggestions which allow me to disregard the proper action in exchange for a certain level of comfort that doesn’t require me to put forth a maximum effort or display a certain level of respect or gentility. I am the sole determinant on when I apply my own rules of proper conduct…which always leaves me with a loophole out of acting accordingly.

It’s a good day for me to try to practice what I preach.

Everyday should be my first day of school.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,