“Everytime I have ever used a semicolon, it has been a stab in the dark”
–some dude on reddit

I saw this on reddit a couple days ago. I laughed at first, because of the amount of truth, but I later began to get all philosophical on it.

I don’t have any grammatical knowledge. I have tried to throw in some semicolons before, but I usually delete them because I don’t know where they fit, or how they are supposed to be used. I really don’t know how to use commas, but I can usually pepper in a few and make my writing somewhat understandable. I sometimes use a dash or hyphen (-), but that’s when I feel like I have used too many commas. The only way I really know to demonstrate a pause in a sentence….is by using three periods (whatever that is called).


I say all this because I feel like I have a deep and meaningful bond with the semicolon. I believe my life experiences to have been that of the semicolon. I don’t usually know where I fit. I don’t know when to insert myself and when to stay out of the picture. I don’t know when is a good time to stand up and be seen, and I don’t know when to keep my mouth shut. I don’t know my role, my rules, and how to determine when and where to initiate myself onto life’s paper.

But here is the good news….

We are all semi-colons.

Some of us are more confident and brave, but none of us know exactly where we fit. We can all pretty much insert ourselves wherever we wish and there is no one that can tell us with complete certainty that we do or do not belong. Periods are safe. I tend to overuse commas. Be a semicolon. Jump right in, especially in the most uncertain of areas and just see how it works out.

Have some fun today. Try some stuff. Fail. Try more stuff. Fail differently. Learn something, or don’t…. but have some fun.

***Side note- I wrote part of this, then I decided it was stupid. I thought I had deleted, but saw that I had not. I decided to pick up where I left off, without reading what had already been written (partially because I thought it would be fun, and partially because I am incredibly lazy).

Anyways, it’s fun to see how I can write something at one point in my life, become fearful and insecure, and decide it’s crap…..and then later, decide not only to post it, but to add to it without revision and become excited about the response. Ups and downs. Strikes and gutters.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,