I’m forgetful.

I want to close the shower curtain, but I forget.

I know I should lock the door, but sometimes it slips my mind.

I’m supposed to clean up my weights at the gym, but sometimes I get distracted.

I tell myself to write using fewer words, but in the moment….I forget.

Being forgetful can be a troublesome. It can add a few hardships and make life a bit frustrating for the people around me. That’s all part of life. I can live with being forgetful to tasks which include things like cleaning up, locking doors, and taking out trash. However, the most painful inconvenience of being forgetful are the things like these….

I forget to have faith.

I forget that it’s all going to be ok.

I forget it always has been.

I forget that we are all doing the best job that we can.

I forget to enjoy. To have fun. To not take myself so seriously.

I forget that I have been told these things, time and time again, by many people much older and wiser than me.

I forget that we are here for a short period.

I forget that my mom is dying, and so am I….as are you.

I forget that it is an absolute pleasure to wake up everyday, having slept in a bed, take a shower with running water, and eat breakfast from a pantry full of food.

I forget that I don’t need the answers, and don’t want to know the future.

I forget to love.

I forget to enjoy.

I forget to be patient.

I forget to have faith.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,