Hot diggity, I finally can put words to my “why”. Sam Renfrow talks about finding your why in the LHRL podcast, #68, October 11, 2017. Recently, Sam and I had a brief private message exchange about a book we’re circulating as a share and share alike opportunity and I told him I was still working on my “why”.  Why do I care about my fitness and my overall health? Why do I run, ski, lift, etc?  What is or are my whys?

We can say we want to live a long healthy life but why?  What does that long healthy life look like?  For me, that means I have a fit, strong body that can handle whatever I want to do.  Kayak, stand up paddleboard (SUP), cross country ski, snowshoe, hike, trail running, biking, walking, gardening, adventure travel, and more!

To do all those things I need to keep my spine healthy.  My why is actually to keep my body strong, at a healthy weight, and flexible as I get older because it will allow me to do all those things I want to do.  I already have 2 discs that have been herniated and if I don’t do a better job of making my spinal health and overall fitness a priority, I will regret it quickly.  My lower back issue is already limiting me at times and I loathe the situation.  I finally sent a ‘help me’ request out.

Matt Huey, Physical Therapist and LHRL member recommended some things to me and that included getting a book called “Treat Your Own Back” by Robin McKenzie. Amazon will be delivering that to me on Tuesday.  I am grateful Matt is willing to help many of us when we have issues or questions.  If you’re really in sorry shape, you get videos from him!  I got 3 in a row today.  The support we get from everyone in the LHRL Facebook community is unmatched anywhere that I know of and Matt is a great example of that.

Maybe there are people out there that don’t need to find their why or they know it naturally but this was a major challenge for me and I finally completed it. Ask yourself… why are you lifting weights, running miles, etc.?  If it’s to lose weight, what will you do when you reach your goal?  What’s your bigger why? What happens when you reach your target or achieve the thing that started your why?  Do you just put a bigger “carrot” on the stick?