Here we are on Wednesday of race week.  Fran was on the todo list today.  Not fun…



  • Thrusters (95#)
  • Pull Ups

We got a nice new rig at the gym that I had all to myself this morning (Seen above).  I came out strong, and did the first 21 thrusters and pull ups unbroken.  By the second set of thrusters, my arms were feeling it.  I did 5 and put the bar down (bad mistake).  The rest was a blur.  I finished in 4:28 just 4 seconds off my PR of 4:24.  Not bad, but I wanted to do better.  Every time I do Fran I think back a couple years ago to my first RX Fran.  It was awful and took me 11+ minutes.  Thing is, I still feel as bad doing it today as I did back then.  I don’t think it gets any better…ever.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what my goal for this race should be.  My best 50K time is 6:03.  However, that was at Sylamore and that’s not an easy course at all.    It’s mountainous, very rocky, and slippery in some spots.  The course this weekend is not easy, but there really aren’t any super difficult sections.  There are several flatter spots where I could really open it up and go hard.  So, I’m shooting for at least 5:30.  That’s a 10:37 pace, and really seems kind of slow to me right now for this particular course.  So, here are my goals for this weekend:

  • 5:30 -Happy Goal
  • 5:15 – Super Happy Goal
  • 5:00 or sub 5- Rock Star Goal

Go hard or go home, right?