My first instinct is to pounce. When someone has a question or needs advice, I see opportunity. I see a chance to show someone how smart I am. I want them to believe I have the answers.

The problem is that my best advice has landed me in an enormous amount of trouble, over and over again.

The people I admire the most are generally the most reserved; they have the least amount to say; they are not quick to offer free advice. I want to be like them but I forget. I forget to be quiet and I just start churning bullshit like a Cuisinart does custard.

The people who are the quickest to give free advice and tell people what they “need” to do are usually the people whose lives seem to be the most chaotic. They are the ones with the most motivational memes loaded into their photo gallery and ready to launch when life gets a little crazy.

I admire the person who teaches silently. I need to learn when to stop running my mouth.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,