Friday’s training!



  • Press 3RM; 5 x 3 @ 90%
  • EMOM 6 Minutes – 1 Muscle Up

Press went well.  Worked up to a 145 3RM, and did the reps at 130#.  Muscle Ups continue to elude me.  I didn’t even get one.  Twice I got through at the top but my left hand was in a weird position and I just couldn’t press out at the top.  Anyway, that’s why I’m adding this EMOM stuff to my training.  To get better at things I’m bad at.

AMRAP 5 Minutes

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 5 Sit Ups
  • 5 Box Jumps (24″)

Rest 3 Minutes then…

AMRAP 5 Minutes

  • 5 Wall Balls (30#)
  • 5 Push Ups
  • 5 Ring Rows

Rest 5 Minutes

Tabata Row x 1

I got 7 rounds on each one of the AMRAPS.  It doesn’t look like a lot, but it gets tough.  Anyway, that was Friday!