Through Lift Heavy Run Long®, we have been fortunate to meet some of the most giving and most driven people in the fitness industry. Many of the people we encounter are entrepreneurs who are in a position to not only offer services to help people, but offer discounts to the community members of Lift Heavy Run Long®.

Below is a list of supporters in the LHRL™ Community who were kind enough to offer exclusive discounts for their service or products.

****Lift Heavy Run Long® is not receiving any financial gain from the companies listed, nor are we endorsing their product or service. We have built a relationship with the proprietors who were willing offer a discount. It is the individual’s responsibility to decide if the product or service is a good match for them.***




****USE DISCOUNT CODE LHRL for 50% coaching and training plans.****

RunRx was created by a group of people that share a passion of coaching the skill of running for efficiency while preventing injuries. We want to offer you the prescription to pain free running. Run “Rx” means that if you follow the plan, (prescription) you will reach your running goals faster, stronger and injury free.



Starting Strongman

***Discount Code LHRL for $5 per month discount off the $15 per month training plan***

The sport of Strongman is difficult to train for. Let us help you progress utilizing our teams years of experience to help you get bigger, stronger, faster and better prepared for your next competition.



Cindy Caudy

***Discount Code LHRL25off for 25% off everything on her site.***

Cindy Caudy is a fitness professional, personal trainer, and national level figure competitor, who is passionate about health and fitness. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds, gain a little muscle, or compete in a body building competition, Cindy can help you make this happen.



Pacers Running

***Discount Code FARLEY13 for 20% off everything in the store.***

Pacers Running is your online shoe store. With the motto, “We are for every run.” Chris Farley and his team believe that every runner has a journey and every runner has a story. You can find all of your running supplies at Pacers Running.



Complete Human Performance

***Discount Codes:
LHRLstartup: waives the initiation fee
LHRLanalysis: grants 10% discount to a gait analysis with Nickademus Hollon as well and/or a one-off consult and treatment plan with Taylor Weglicki, DPT.
LHRLtrain: gives 5% recurring discount on training packages***

When Alex Viada and Kelly Bruno started Complete Human Performance in 2012, they had one goal in mind: to cut through the misinformation about training and nutrition, and to create simple, customized, and highly-effective training plans to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential. They have a combined 38 years of strength and endurance training and are both experienced having both competed in Ironmans, ultramarathons and powerlifting. As Complete Human Performance has grown, our mission is now to bring together the best minds in fitness and sports performance together to develop custom programming for ANY person, at any level, anywhere in the world.

Competitive Edge Performance

***Discount Code: LHRL_10 for 10% off***
Competitive Edge Performance provides athletes with programming, coaching, nutrition counseling and a line of supplements all designed to help athletes’ reach their potential.  Tony Cowden and Melissa Hoff provides a very
supportive coaching service built around the idea a coach works for the athlete, not the other way around.  Producing top athletes in Functional Fitness, Bodybuilding, Triathlon, Powerlifting, Ultra Running, Mountaineering, Olympic Weightlifting, Pro-Grid, and Military
Prep, Tony and Melissa have exceptional level of experience and a combined resume no other service can match.

Starting Gun Event Management

***Discount Code: LHRL saves $5 on each race. This code is valid for any active race that Starting Gun Events hosts! Go to or to find out active races!!! ***

Starting Gun Events is a timing and event company, servicing north Mississippi and the Memphis area, that specializes in cost effective events.



Bare Bear Butter

***Discount Code: LHRL15 for a 15% discount on any product***

Bare Bear Butter is an all natural, organic anti-chafing balm developed by ultra-runner Ed Thomas in 2015. Along with the balm, Ed also offers beard care products and has recently launched Bare Bear Piggy Powder (for those stinky ultra feet!). Ed is an experienced runner and offers run coaching at very reasonable costs.






Lift Heavy Run Long

***Discount Code: LHRL for 10% off everything in the store.***

And what kind of people would we be if we did not shamelessly plug our own shop into the mix. Make sure you identify yourself with the hottest brand going. Get your Lift Heavy Run Long® gear and let the world know who you are. Thanks for being a part of the LHRL™ Community!

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