Gabe Escobar



I’ve been doing crossfit endurance for about 5 months now. I’m going to be running my first ultra (50k) training CFE June 2nd and also plan to get a 50 miler in this year as well. I ran my first race in 2011 and haven’t been able to stop since then.I love pushing my bounds as a runner and would like to see exactly how far I can take it using crossfit endurance. My ultimate goal is to eventually run and complete Western States and Badwater. Every race leading up to those are stepping stones to reaching my dream races.

  • 5k 20:00
  • 10k 48:21
  • Half Marathoon 1:57:23
  • Marathon 4:46:07
  • Bench Press 265#
  • Back Squat 315#
  • Dealift 355#
  • Clean & Press 185#
  • PR Fran 8:25