Years ago I discovered that the races, whatever distance, I would consider “goal” races would typically not have the outcome that I expected.  I also found the races, whatever distance, that I considered a “fun run” or “training run” I would typically PR the distance.  I was always dumbfounded.  Until it all became clear, I was relaxed vs tense, stressed and in my head.  Its how I ended up running my fastest marathon, I was super relaxed though yes, ready to finally try and break the 4 hour mark, I didn’t expect to just fall short of my BQ.  Still to this day, I am dumbfounded I was able to pull it off, to the point I barely speak of it as it doesn’t seem real.  Which is why I am not surprised I feel the same way about the fact I finally got my freaking bar muscle up.

Just like my PR marathon, there isn’t video, but plenty of witnesses who celebrated with me, the way a major milestone should be celebrated.  The conditions were just the same too.  I had started working on this over a year ago.  I started with all the prerequisites to build my base, they slowly started to incorporate more of the practical application.  I had been getting SO close for weeks but just couldn’t get it together.  So, while doing a workout at a different gym, I went to a corner to just work some drills.  Another woman came over and was able to get her first pull up!  I was so excited for her!  After she was done, I went to a mental place and just thought through each step of the drill and in a moment that I can’t describe, I popped up and I was over the bar, pressed out.  I looked up, saw my friend Kim’s eyes, she saw it and we both celebrated.  I literally let out a squeal that didn’t sound like me at all.  But I had finally done it.  Could I replicate it?  Nope, not in that moment.  Maybe like my PR marathon it may not reappear for awhile, but I know its there, now to work on some consistency and work on staying out of my head, and let me body do what I’ve trained it to do.