In fourth grade, my friend had to get stitches in his hand after trying to tape a piece of a broken mirror to his shoe so he could look up Suzie Edmonds skirt. The glass mirror had fallen off of a Science project and my buddy felt like the mirror was best suited for peaking into the unknown.

It was probably not the best use of a piece of glass.

Mirrors usually aren’t intended for the purpose they are created. Reflective glass is usually pieced together to provide an accurate reflection of what other people see. However, I believe it is more often used as a form of punishment.

Before I even look in the mirror, I have already created the image that will appear. Based on a million life experiences, a recent history of exercise and nutrition, combined with a thousand word narrative that my self-conscious creates, I create a reflection. I consciously choose the reflection that I will see and I use it as a form of punishment or bravado; never painting an accurate reflection.

Seeing things for what they are and using life’s tools for their intended purpose is reserved for only the wisest and most responsible. I don’t think that things have to be so difficult or complex.  If what I see in the mirror is too hard to look at, then I don’t have an understanding of what a mirror is intended to do.

Broken glass will cut you. Mirrors should not.

The reflection is not the problem, but the person viewing it often is.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,