I once drank so much peach schnapps and grape juice that I cannot be in the same room with either. Just the slightest hint of these two liquids will make me dizzy and nauseous. It was a horrible experience.

The children and I once attempted to decorated Easter Eggs using glitter and gold paint. It was an absolute disaster. We made a huge mess. There wasn’t a room in my house that did not have glitter in it for at least a year. Every time I see glitter it makes me smile. It was a great experience.

Schnapps makes me puke and glitter makes me smile. They are related to two very different experiences which conjure up two very different emotions.

It seems that my life is based on experiences, compounded. For every positive experience, there is an opportunity to transfer that emotion to the next similar environment. For every traumatic, miserable experience, there is a distinct possibility that it will boil over into a different area of my life.

I should see to it that I attempt to keep a positive spin on as many situations as possible. The long-term effects of schapps and glitter and can easily be muddled-up with grape juice and gold paint. Before long, I can’t tell what is making me sick and why I feel so nauseous.

Create experiences.

Make them positive.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,