I’ve come to realize over the past 18 months if I don’t get sh!t together, my regrets will destroy me. I can’t continue to be fearful of the outcome of my dreams and my goals.  I have to push myself towards them every day with every choice I make.  The mediocrity I’ve been wallowing in isn’t a viable alternative any more.  “Good” isn’t enough; I want greatness.

Repeatedly, I shortchange my goals and my dreams to meet the needs of the situation happening around me.  I’m pretty freaking sick of that scenario so I better be darn determined to change, which I am.  I’m scared though.  I’ve been told fear is good.

As a goal oriented person and a “check the box” personality, I love to lists of things I did after I did them just so I can check them off and feel a sense of accomplishment.  My best work comes from having a goal, working towards it, and finishing it.  For some people, this destroys their soul.  Artsy-craftsy-musical people in particular don’t do well with lists and goals it seems.  I love those people but I’m not one of them.

It’s time to make some lists, check the boxes every day, and fight my way out of looming regret.  How do you stay motivated?  Do you have big goals that you are working towards?  Do you have goals but you’re not working towards them?  What makes you succeed long term?