I don’t think that Harry Potter is a true story.

I’m not calling J.K. Rowling a liar but I think that she is making some of this stuff up.

Asides from the magic potions, irreversible spells, and flying broomsticks, I just feel like she has picked her side and is trying to make Voldemort out to be a bad guy because she doesn’t like him.

Ms. Rowling’s account of Potter is not unusual. We all have a tendency to gossip in the exact same way. We have a need for Voldemort to feel hated by many and Potter to be revered, that’s what makes gossip so juicy. No one spreads rumors or stretches the truth to emphasize indifference. We hit buttons until we strike a chord and we paint a picture until the opposing sides are distinct- a hero and a villain.

Most of us tell stories of Harry Potter proportions and gossip to the tune of J.K. Rowling.

Have you ever heard the snooty or angry tones that someone uses to imitate the person who they are trying to portray the villain when you know that the person being mocked talks nothing like this?

Have you ever paid attention to the inflection and passion that someone can derive from reading the words of a text message?

If a text message conversation is read with one character sounding soft and soothing, like a Disney Princess, and the other person is made to sound venomous and bitter like a snake or a witch, you are probably being sucked into the drama of a J.K. Rowling-sized imagination.

We all love make-believe. Everyone wants a hero and a villain. If we can’t find a Voldemort, we will create him, and chances are, the storyteller will want to play Potter.

Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.

If the story has to be told to me, it doesn’t involve me.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,