I could hear the sounds of kids screaming. It appeared harmless. It was almost as if they were playing “Marco Polo” in our front yard. I didn’t pay it much attention.

It wasn’t long before there was a knock on our front door. Our ten-year-old neighbor was visually distraught. He asked in a shaky, adrenaline-filled voice, “Have you seen our dog?”.

I replied, “No, but do you want me to get in my car and help you look?”

“Yes sir”, he said without hesitation as three other kids wandered around our property calling for their friend.

Our daughter, Andie, was already to the car before I could even get the front door shut. She was clearly concerned. Even our thirteen-year-old, Grayson, put down his X-Box controller and came running barefoot across the gravel to jump into the hunt.

This was a kid’s dog. This seemed serious.

I start the car and begin down the gravel drive, cautiously avoiding the scrambling children. About that time, I see 2 kids on a four-wheeler come over the hill and then another pair on another four-wheeler and then two more kids in the opposite direction riding another four-wheeler. None of the kids could have been older than 14 and only the girls were wearing shirts. It looked like a redneck rendition of a Mad Max movie.

They were serious about this dog. The news had traveled fast. The looks on their faces and the tears in some of the eyes said that there will be no rest until their furry friend is found.

The search was short and the drama short-lived as their pet was found moments later playing in the neighbor’s yard.

I am not sure why I felt so emotional. I guess there is just something about kids and their dog. There is a “pureness” that comes along with it. There is real love. Watching people come together to attain a common goal with pure motives is one of the nicest things that a person can witness.

It reminded me that there is good left in the world. There is good now and there is an entire generation of good on its way. There is a natural sense of duty and a willingness to act for what is right. It is not always as clear-cut what the right action to take might be but I am always grateful that folks are willing to take action when it comes to the things that they care about.

It won’t always be the neighbor’s dog that these kids are looking for but I hope that they are forever willing to come together and go find the things that they believe to be important and just.

Peace, love and all things Beef related,