What does it mean to be healthy?

I’m probably not the guy to be throwing around definitions of health, but I have a pretty good idea of what being healthy looks like in my world.

There is a vast difference between being “fit” and being “healthy”. I believe that being fit is a tool that is meant to be used to improve overall health. I feel the same way about hobbies, family time, reading, and social gatherings.

Being strong at the gym, powerful at the box, or fast at the race is really a waste of my time, if I am not applying my work to improve other areas of my life. After all, do I really want people standing around my casket with nothing better to talk about than my back squat or 5k time? That would be a pretty wasted existence.

The healthiest guy I know is named Gary. Gary is in his mid-sixties, retired, and slightly overweight. He attends the YMCA about three times a week, and walks on the treadmill for about an hour before spending a few minutes on some very light machine weights. He breaks a sweat, but not too much of one. He told me that,

“I want to work just hard enough to convince my wife that I can have dessert after supper.”

Gary takes all of his activities and applies them to his overall health.

Gary gets as many reps as possible with his family. He is conscious and present, every minute on the minute. He builds to heavy loads of meditation and aggressively works on his spirituality. He works as hard as anyone on his relationships and keeps them strong. Gary sets personal records on his knowledge of his trade and enjoys teaching others what he has learned. He is an excellent coach, yet holds no certifications. His form is near perfect as his focus is patience and tolerance. His nutrition is solid, as he feeds his soul through community and fellowship. He is the healthiest guy I know, and stronger than most anyone I have ever seen.

As for his back squat?

His back squat sucks. I doubt he can do one.

And his 5k time?

Awful, I’m sure.

I was talking about being healthy, not just fit or strong.

All the glutten-free-anabolically-glucosed-amino-polypeptide-hydro-hydra-cortisol-esters-hardtospell-sciency-thingies in the world, combined with an 800lb deadlift, won’t make me any healthier, if I spend all my time thinking about myself, and don’t spend any energy helping others. The application of fitness to my overall health is paramount, or else it is just a big, narcissistic waste of time, energy, and gym space.

I want to be healthy and helpful. Emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,