For the past 2 years I’ve done a lot of heavy lifting and none of it has involved actual heavy physical weight from a barbell.  I miss the barbell and plan to find a way to get back to it in 2020.  However, when I was still lifting heavy I learned a lot about myself and it’s carried me through some tough crap these past 2 years.  The lessons we learn in our daily physical activity should be drawn from for our emotional journeys.  The most poignant of parallels between mental and physical strength I’ve found are:

  • You’re so much stronger than you’d ever imagine
  • You can build more strength at any time
  • Exhaustion comes in all forms (mental, physical, emotional)
  • When you think the well is dry, you just dig deeper to replenish it
  • Recognizing the strength of your partners and celebrating them is just as important as celebrating yourself
  • Naps are never a bad idea

Collect joy, build strength, tap your reserves when you need to and when others need you to.   -Brenda-