That is how to end each and every passive-aggressive message. You can put that behind anything and always know that you have a defense for being an a-hole. When placed properly, it can make even the weakest seem assertive and the sociopath sound innocent. I’m as guilty as anyone.

I heard a comedian make reference to the different uses of a well placed “lol”. He was funny, but also wise. Upon the use of “lol” the meaning of the statement has just been given a different utility. It can be sarcastic, humorous, or truthful. It’s an interesting addition to our language. It’s safe play for the one using it. It’s a great way to avoid being straight-forward, if straight-forward is what is being avoided. I use it as a way out, because I can be so manipulative.

Be real, transparent, and authentic. I wish it was as easy as typing it in a blog. I will try to take my own advice in this case.

“Your mommas so ugly [insert bad joke]…. Lol”

I was just kidding. Didn’t you see the “lol”?

Peace, love and all things Beef related,