First, a PR on bench!!

4RM Bench Press;  4×4 Bench Press @ 90%

Just Friday I pressed a 4RM of 165lbs.  Today I got 170lbs!! Getting stronger!


4RM Barbell Row; 4×4 Barbell Row @ 90%

Maxed at 175lbs and did the 4×4 at 155lbs.

Then it got really tough…

15 Minute AMRAP

  • 12 Pushups
  • 15 Overhead Squats

RX was 115, and once again I scaled it down to 95lbs.  I tried 135lbs., but just couldn’t get it well enough to get through this whole WOD.  Even with 95lbs. it was still pretty tough for me.  I got through only 4 Rounds and 12 Pushups.  Still remember the time that I couldn’t even OH Squat the empty barbell, so can’t be too upset. 🙂  Might rest tomorrow.  Feeling pretty beat up.


I finished it out with…

8 Rounds:  2ooM Run; 1 Minute Rest