We are about to be live! The LHRL #goalgetter challenge officially begins Sunday, and things are starting to click. The participants are starting to become more comfortable posting videos and interacting with one another. With every encouraging comment comes the opportunity for another relationship or another bit of motivation, or another change in someone’s life. To be a part of something like this is truly a blessing. I want to make changes in my life, but for some reason, I am unwilling to make changes when I am the sole beneficiary. “I will do it later”, or “I’m not that bad off” is generally the dialogue that I have with myself. Now, things are different. I have a whole group of people who want to see me succeed, and I want the same for each of them.

The LHRL #goalgetter group has the most eclectic group of folks that could be assembled in the same place. We have a heart transplant survivor, 100milers, one milers, lifters, writers, healthier eaters, hell we got a Clydesdale who wants to pole vault! No one’s goals is more important than the other. I remember a time in my life when I was so depressed that just getting out of bed and taking a shower was a real victory. Life can be tough, and we are bonding together to figure out how to be tougher. No one should have to go at this world alone, and no one should be satisfied with going at this world at less than 100%. That is exactly what we are doing. We are pinning our ears back, and givin it hell, the whole lot of us.

Von and I sat down and talked about the challenge a little bit in this podcast, but both of us were so giddy with excitement that it was honestly hard to stay focused. We hope that you will come join our challenge, or at least try some new and fun things in your life. We hope you enjoy Episode 8 of the LHRL Podcast.

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I absolutely love the diversity that this image captures.

If you are interested, check out the video below and be inspired by some of the members who are taking place in the challenge:

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related.