“I want to see if I can.”

I want to see if I can…

Do a front flip underwater.

Walk on my hands.

Stand on your shoulders.

Skip this seashell.

Dive and catch this ball.

Swim to the other side.

Tread water for thirty seconds.

We just returned from an awesome week-long vacation in Orange Beach, AL. Throughout my observations of watching the kids tirelessly burn through energy, I couldn’t help but notice a common theme- they all wanted to “See if they could.”

Before attempting a different feat, each of the children would say, “Watch this, I want to see if I can…”

As I admired both their bravery and curiosity, I reflected on how often (or how seldom) I try something just to “See if I can.” Sometimes, I think I establish my own limitations based on what I know I can confidently do and try not to venture too far outside of those walls.

I enjoyed watching the kids fail with laughter then try and try, over-and-over again. When we are young, failure is a silly thing that we brush aside as we learn to do a particular thing better; as we get older, everything seems to get a bit more serious and we become afraid of not doing something well, even when we have no reason to be good at something.

I ask myself, “When was the last time that I did something for no other reason than just to see if I could?”

Have a good day today.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,