Ice Cream.

The ultimate symbol of perseverance.

Nothing says, “I just suffered through an event” like a scoop of ice cream. It is the universal reward for all things that endured.

This weekend we took family photos; something everyone wants to possess but nobody wants to go through. The idea of having photographs of the people that you love is wonderful, but the act of getting dressed, standing in awkward poses, and generating uncomfortable smiles is not as much fun. What made it tolerable was the knowledge that afterwards we would go get ice cream.

While standing in line to order my flavor of frozen sugar and milk, I gandered at those in line and I surmised what each of them had suffered through to have been rewarded with the delicious sphere of cool, creamy goodness.

Family pictures.

Choir practice.

Their mother’s shopping spree.

Their dad’s softball game.

Their brother’s guitar practice.

The cleaning of the house.

The mowing of the yard.

Regardless of the event, everyone in line had convinced themselves that they had earned some ice cream.

I know I did.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,