When I was young, I can remember being dropped off at school and feeling an overwhelming sense of anxiety. I needed to say goodbye to my mom, one last time. We had already shared an ample adieu, but I was scared and sad. I needed to REALLY get my point across. I needed one more hug, and to tell her that I loved her. I was already in the classroom, and was not allowed to leaves. My mom had already left the parking lot, but I still felt caged. The need to escape from the class and outside the building was paramount. I felt as if, even if she would not hear me, I had a need to run outside and yell out my goodbye to my mother.

I have this same feeling right now, only it is about a movie, which is very strange. I am speechless, which is incredibly rare. I have written a few paragraphs for this particular blog, only to delete them because I am having a hard time getting my point across. I am not sure why this is so important to me, but it is. I was sent a link to a movie yesterday, and this movie was “Finding Joe”. I have seen a fair share of films, but none so powerful and poignant as this. I was moved emotionally, personally, and spiritually. I feel as if the universe spoke to me and wanted me to share this film, not quite in the way that the guy with tin foil on his head feels as if he has been spoken to, but pretty damn close. I have this need to share it with everyone around me, as if it is a gift. I feel as if it is a secret or a gift. One which I possess and am responsible for telling or giving to those around me. THAT is how passionately I feel about this damn movie. “Finding Joe” is a group of primarily storytellers, writers, and philosophers who discuss the makings of a “hero’s journey”. It is essentially about each of us and the potential that our lives contain. It is about the beauty and worth within us, that is always there, and just requires some searching or awakening. I have seen SO much of this movie play out in my life that I am curious as to how many people would benefit, or at the very least appreciate the content of this movie. I WANT YOU TO ENJOY THIS MOVIE.


Here is the link: Click Here

Is it fu*ked up that I feel so passionate about “Finding Joe”? I have no idea. I am not concerned with whether you find it strange or not. The facts remains, I think it is something that all of the people that I care about deserve to watch. The people close to me owe it to themselves to get quiet and spent the 80 minutes in front of their computer, phone, or television and watch this damn movie. There is at least one person out there who is teetering on a huge personal discovery in their life, and this movie is about to bring it to fruition. The points made about the need for crisis and the facing of fear and ridicule which are often very necessary to find happiness, success, and bliss are so poignant that I think it will change many people’s perspective on whatever it is that they are enduring at this particular time. I really, really want to know what you think about the film.

Peace, Love, and all things Beef related,